Principal's Message

Learning is an inevitable consequence of human condition. We are born with innate curiosity, which is manifestation of our intrinsic motivation to learn. O. P Jindal School, Angul (OPJS-A) is based upon the Institution of the family. Following are the ideologies / strategies that inspire the type of education operating within our four walls:

  • Self-esteem is the cornerstone of a child's ability to savour life and to demonstrate empathy & respect towards others. We believe that self-discipline is more sustainable than imposed discipline.
  • Mutual respect is the basic principle underlying constructive relationships and collaborative problem solving.
  • Children need to feel secure that they are acknowledged and celebrated as individuals. Academic progress is student paced.
  • Self responsibility and autonomy are necessary for personal emotional health and for providing the means to create a healthy democracy.
  • It is preferable to create change by convincing through logic and empathy rather than by manipulating and controlling others by rewards and punishment.
  • Children are holistic individuals and all aspects of their growth matter and deserve attention. The focus remains on effective communication within carefully nurtured relationships, wherein negotiation and problem solving are pursued with an expectation of win-win solutions to resolve differences.
  • Development of individual potential a collaborative and cooperative ambience is our priority. We develop effective logical and reasoning skills within our children for academic learning.

OPJS-A aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where gifted and talented students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life. Students will be challenged and engaged through authentic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and resilience to become independent and ethical life-long learners.

We offer a broad curriculum and a wide range of opportunities for all our students to achieve excellence in academic, creative, social, cultural, sporting and community endeavours. We value collaborative learning, positive relationships and building capacity amongst our kids to effectively allow them to engage in the world of the future, where problem solving, evaluating, working in teams, communicating, creating and innovating are not only valued concepts, but expected skills, attributes and capabilities.

We set high expectations for our students and work hard to safeguard positive emotions across our school community. We are partners in learning with our students and seek to deepen their knowledge, provide enriching and innovative learning experiences, while also gently urging our kids out of their comfort zone to attempt new challenges.

We value relationships and connections with the community. We encourage our students to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and the broader community. We make conscious efforts to develop and sustain productive partnerships and connections with our parents, local schools and leading tertiary institutions. We are proud to be a high performing school and aim to be the selective school of first choice for all families within our community.

Our students leave the portal of OPJS-A with the skills, mind sets and qualities that will best equip them for success in the world of the future. Ours students are intelligent, resilient, creative, imaginative, disciplined, dedicated to life-long learning, respectful and ethical. They are the future leaders and role models of society.

We are passionate about creating a learning institution that is dynamic and constantly seeking excellence to meet the needs of the present as well as future. We have a diverse group of students and teachers who possess a global perspective. We invest wisely in our human resources for the professional development of our staff and they in turn see themselves as part of world-wide educational community.

As parents, teachers, it is our commitment to adopt ways and means to channelize the talents and energy of our students into creative community building. With this noble purpose may I request all faculty members, parents and well wishers to join hands as we take OPJS-A to greater heights.

- Principal