Our objectives are:

"To give our children the basic training they need so that they grow up to be integrated and self-reliant people who would experience the best in their lives. This training is spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical and social.

"To create in our school a climate of trust and love where each child is valued as an individual, is helped to develop a sense of his/her own worth and is aware of the contribution he/she can make to the society in which he/she lives.

"To foster loyalty, mutual respect and respect for all mankind

"To foster respect for the environment.

"To enable our pupils to become good citizens.

"To encourage parents to support the educational efforts of the school and to utilise the structures offered to ensure positive parental involvement.

"To encourage close partnership with parents, management and clergy in order to ensure that the aims of the school are achieved.

"To encourage close partnership with parents, pupils, management and teachers to ensure that the school remains faithful to principles of education.

"To introduce our pupils to the truth that they may know it, to the good that they may love it and to its beauty that they may delight in it.


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