Music Lab

Music & Dance qualities are also being taught as a school subject also at O.P. Jindal school but in order to bring specialization in these segments, we are providing the opportunity, to move & motivates, to sing to soothe yourself as well as your milieu and to learn instruments like drums, tabla etc. to bring the consistency & symphony in their life.

Yoga club is also planned to form shortly which will give our children inner peace & tranquillity & remove all burdens of academic or non-academic activities.

There was nothing but sound before the universe and there will be nothing but only sound after the last day. This sound is called raga if expressed in a systematic way and uttered with melody. Music brings symphony & tranquillity in everyone's life that's why the O.P. Jindal School provides the opportunity to soothe the mind & soul through music. The Music club of this school teaches the basic knowledge of Rasas, Alankaras, Bhajans, patriotic, taal and singing to the children.

Alankar is a kind of adoration in music to make it more melodious, rhythmic and heart touching. Taal is the heart of music which synchronizes and ranges the different beats of music to make it more soothing. As irregular and improper pulse indicates the unhealthy condition of a person, imbalanced use of taal in music makes it vapid. It means the mixture of taal and alankaras makes music the unbelievable resource to feel & enjoy. We try to provide the opportunity to our children to sing, to please & to prettify the world.