About Our Founder

Shri Om Prakash Jindal, more popularly known as O. P. Jindal was born on 7th Aug. 1930, to a farmer family of District – Hisar (Haryana). As morning shows the day, the young Jindal showed his affinity towards industry by starting with a small bucket manufacturing unit in Hisar.

Shri Jindal's life mission was to help the common man in every possible way. His philosophy was that without the upliftment of weaker sections in mankind of caste, creed, sex and religion, and good citizens, the dream of hailing India to a leading nation shall remain unfulfilled. For the accomplishment of this Herculean task, he had to join the politics and proved himself to be an honest parliamentarian, who came up with the expectation of the people and the society.

"Where others saw walls, he saw doors." Then whether it was opening doors or breaking down the walls, Shri Jindal led the way. The life journey of Shri Jindal from a farmer's son to a successful industrialist, a philanthropist, a politician, a leader and an educationist would ser coupons ve as a great source of inspiration for generations to come.