A Word to Students


           Never postpone your work  for tomorrow.

·         Keep ample time for study.

·         Exploit your potential to the maximum. Your inner self is a store house of unknown potential, exploit it to the fullest

·         Make a daily home time table for yourself.

·         Read thoroughly a lesson again at home after it is taught in the  class to make the concept clear and lasting.

·       Respect your elders and teachers.Politeness and good maners are expected to be used while interacting with fellow students, staff, parents and visitors.

·         Dependence on private tuition may spoil your creativity and enthusiasm for learning

     All the students are expected to talk to their teachers and friends in English during schoolhours. This habit will help them to enrich their standard of English and also to understand the lessons well.

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Dated On: 05 Apr 2018